Enjoy physical, emotional, and mental benefits that further enhance your experience of life. Science has proven meditation reduces stress, improves memory, offers pain relief, helps your sleep, improves relationships and mental health.

Liz Nierzwicki will guide you through this 3-week audio Meditation eCourse.

In this 3-week digital course you can expect:
 You will learn what neuroscientists have discovered about our natural “default” brain state (active mind) and how it creates suffering and how meditation can help you build your prefrontal cortex to stay present and focused on the NOW.

 You will learn exactly what meditation is and how to do it.

 Understand the primary neurotransmitters that are released in a yoga session.

 You will be taught different meditation techniques in order to find one that resonates with you.

 Each week will give you specific tools and guided meditations to listen to anywhere (phone, iPad, or computer) that will teach you that week’s meditation.

Here’s how each week breaks down:

WEEK 1: In week 1, you’ll learn what neuroscientists have identified as our two brain states and how a meditation practice can lead to a more peaceful mind. You’ll also learn exactly what meditation is, different techniques, and how to do them. Then Liz will introduce you to the first meditation you will practice.
WEEK 2: You’ll learn different ways to heal past wounds and traumas through everyday lifestyle practices. In addition, Liz will introduce your new meditation technique to practice for the week
WEEK 3: You will build upon what you’ve already learned and Liz will introduce one final meditation technique to try.

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