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Macros & Nutrition Splits, & 15-Min Call w/ Liz

To lose weight successfully so that you can KEEP IT OFF, you need to know your MACROS. This is the amount of Protein, Fat, and Carbs that you need to be eating every single day. Every single person is different and the ratio's that work for one person may not work for you. So let's get you started by figuring out YOUR macros. This is information that you can hold on to for your entire life and live from. If you have significant amount of weight to lose, we will need to readjust your macros once you hit your goal weight for your height and age and we will work with you on that adjustment. 

As a special bonus, you will receive your nutrition splits. This is your per meal break down of what to eat and when - this is the #1 factor in hitting your fitness and physique goals. 

Once you purchase this, please head to the figureFIT! home page and fill out the jump start form in the bottom right hand corner of the site so that I will have all the information I need to complete your macros for you.