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Learn How to Meditate 3-Week e-Course

Today's overloaded world of work, the ongoing assaults of emails, texts, family or money problems, we are all becoming more and more disconnected from each other and worse, ourselves. Our minds are rarely at rest and our bodies are paying the price. If you finish the end of a normal day and find that stress is a norm and happiness and fun are a distant memory, things need to change. Happiness is our birthright and finding a way to manage all of this business with ease - is critical to the future of your mental health and happiness.

If you're like most people in today's culture, you find yourself reacting to life's experiences rather than creating from a place of power. As a yoga studio owner and life coach, I see this problem of overload and stress in almost everyone I meet and knew that this type of e-Course was long overdue. 

Now is the time. There are no mistakes and if you're reading this, I encourage you to follow your intuition that brought you here and sign up for this e-Course. As you learn how to meditate and create a meditation practice, you will begin to return to the peace that lies within your own mind. Once you become more centered and able to deal with life's struggles with ease, you will then begin to help others do the same simply by bringing the light you have found within your own peaceful practice. 

This 3-week e-course (which you can do anytime, any place) gives you all the tools you need to begin this life transforming practice. 

In this 3-week digital course you can expect: 

  • You will learn what neuroscientists have discovered about our natural "default" brain state.
  • You will learn exactly what meditation is and how to do it.
  • You will be taught different meditation techniques in order to find one that resonates with you.
  • Guided meditations to listen to anywhere (phone, iPad, or computer)

Here's how each week breaks down:​ (go at your own pace)

Week 1

In week 1, you'll learn what neuroscientists have identified as our two brain states and how a meditation practice can lead to a more peaceful mind. You'll also learn exactly what meditation is, different techniques, and how to do them. Then Liz will introduce you to the first meditation we will practice.

Week 2 

You'll learn different ways to heal past wounds and traumas through everyday lifestyle practices. In addition, Liz will introduce two new meditation techniques to test and see how you like them.

Week 3

Liz will build upon what is already learned and introduce more guided meditations.


The Benefits of Meditation Are Powerful

Throughout my own life as an entrepreneur, single mother, and coach, I have found that a simple meditation practice can do so much, including:

  • Help you slow down your reactivity muscle and learn how to see things with more peace and clarity
  • Lower your blood pressure
  • Enhance your working memory, concentration, and visuospatial processing
  • Help you process information better
  • Allow for contemplation, intuition, and creativity to thrive.

There are many neurological advantages to meditation, including:

  • Calming the amygdala where our fight or flight and emotions live.
  • Strengthening impulse control, which allows you to better manage stress, pain, depression, and food, drug and alcohol issues.


Take This Program In To Your Office & School System (We ALL need meditation) 

Emerging data indicates that by lowering stress and anxiety, meditation can be a beneficial practice in the workplace, as a calming tool for overwhelmed workers. In fact, Google has a very popular program called "Search Inside Yourself," which teaches mindfulness techniques to employees which has helped to increase mood and productivity. If you'd like to bring Liz to your place of work for a meditation seminar, please email info@figurefitlife.com for booking details.