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Inspire Tats

Transform Your Life One Thought At A Time

Your thoughts are powerful – they create your life. When your thoughts are negative, every cell in your body is affected with negative energy. The same goes for positive thoughts. The good news is, it’s really easy to switch your thoughts over to something powerful and uplifting; and as you think new thoughts your energy and life will respond accordingly.

Wear these positive affirmations to help you remember the divinity of who you are, keep you on the right track, and empower you every day. The messages are powerful. Every time you read it, close your eyes and say it silently in your head, meditate on the idea for a few breaths and let your body and mind rest. Your spirit will grab on to the truth in each message, peace will wash over you, and inspiration will spring forth from you as you chase the dreams towards your destiny.

This life is yours to create. You are powerful and you are supported by the spirit that lives within. Wear your Inspire Tats daily with pride and know that every time you wear it, see it, and read it; your soul shines brighter. 

5 Series To Choose From: 

  • Love My Life (15-20 tattoos per sheet)
  • Abundance (15-20 tattoos per sheet)
  • Fitness & Health (15-20 tattoos per sheet)
  • Spirit vs. Ego (15-20 tattoos per sheet)
  • Energy (15-20 tattoos per sheet)

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