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Best Body Breakthrough

Best Body Breakthrough - Personal Coaching Program 


Who is it for?

Those who want to reach their health & fitness goals FAST!

Do you have a wedding, fitness competition, or other special event you want to show up looking your best for? Or do you just want to finally have a lifestyle plan to follow that you can live by and love the body you live in? 

Tired of doing the same thing over an over and not seeing the results you want? Enjoy personal one-on-one coaching from health & fitness expert, Liz Nierzwicki to help you define, set the plan, and exceed your body & nutrition goals.


You can have the body you want. You can achieve any fitness goal. You can free your mind of toxic, self-destructive thoughts.

But your transformation doesn’t start in the gym or the kitchen.

You’ve tried it all before, right? You’ve joined the gyms and the weight loss challenges. You’ve stumbled, gotten back up again, and tried harder the next time around on the same well-worn paths (which usually involves tons of cardio), but didn’t cross the finish line…so, what gives?

What if I told you that the missing link to sculpting a body you love doesn’t revolve around dieting and doing more cardio?

Here’s an inconvenient truth about successfully slimming down: You don’t need to do more cardio or diet. You need to do something different. You need to love yourself differently and create new habits…

My Secret Weapons: 4 Components to Lasting Success

Instead of your typical get-fit programs that combine only a “body” component, you’ll benefit from my program’s three additional components to help you break through to new habits and clear the path to a healthier, happier life:

  1. figureFIT Workouts — Purpose driven workouts to give your metabolism a 1-2 punch. First you will burn massive amounts of fat off your body with the high intense interval training figureFIT workouts. Then, you will build muscle to overall "tone" your body and boost your metabolism to it's maximal space.
  2. The Right Nutrition at The Right Times -  It's all about fueling the body with the proper nutrition at the right times. Once you're sign up, you can instantly download the figureFIT food guide with over 100 delicious recipes and access Liz's coveted daily nutrition protocol for understanding the right nutrition at the right times.
  3. Mindset Coaching — This is my meditation component. Trust me, meditation can get you everywhere, including your ultimate happy place. I’ll show you how, in just minutes a day. And the best part — our book club! Every two months we go through a new personal growth mindset book together, along with monthly exercises to keep your mind growing and sharp.
  4. Spiritual Warrior Tribe — For an extra boost, you’ll benefit from membership in the Spiritual Warrior private online group dedicated to peer support and helping you gain strength through motivational stories, tips and healthy trends.

With the 6 month one-on-one coaching you also get access to the online figureFIT LIfestyle Program's secret weapons mentioned above AND the following one-on-one coaching elements:

  • (1) 90 min - Customized “Best Body NOW!” Fast-Start Kick-off Phone Session
    • Covering current state of health, movement, and happiness levels.
    • “Nutrition Timing” coaching session based on daily/weekly activities.
    • Personal Workout Coaching Based on Body Goal

Personalized nutrition & fitness plan based on your goals

  • Detailed workout plan counting down to your targeted big day with EXACTLY what to do each week with workouts and nutrition.
  • Nutrition plan for cutting fat off FAST and how to look your best on your big day.  
  • How to prepare the body: water intake, sodium, tanning, etc. 
  • How to incorporate Intermittent Fasting into your regimen for year round abs! (Yes!! It's possible for you too!)
  • Monthly & Weekly communication with Liz via skype, text, phone, or email.
  • Supplement recommendations
  • Access to a private Facebook group with other figureFIT! teammates for motivation, support, and inspiration 

This 6 month program is broken down into the following segments:​

  • In-take form for creating your program
  • Starter on-ramp fitness plan to get you started working out the right way for you
  • Nutrition consult on how and when to eat what based on when you're working out and when you are not
  • Monthly coaching calls to go over wins, setbacks, and goals. Refine workouts, nutrition plan, and goals. 
  • Direct Access to Liz for Q & A when and where you need it most