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90-Day Transformation


90-Day Transformation

This program has been responsible for HUNDREDS of AMAZING transformations and Liz has stepped up the program to a whole new level. 

I understand the pain of hating your body and hiding the fact that you're dieting (yet again). Listen, I’ve tried almost every diet out on the market, every Beach Body DVD system - you name it, I would restrict myself and "diet" and eat perfectly for weeks, workout like a champ, see massive changes and something would happen I’d fall off the wagon. It wasn't until 2008 when I hit rock-bottom in my health that I started to put one foot in front of the other and walk down a new path towards body mastery. I learned and engaged in some very specific tools and the entire process started to become easy for me and that's what I've created for you in the 90-Day Transformation.

It’s time to stop the cycle of desire to change, resistance and self-sabotage and transcend. 

I’ve been there and I've climbed out. Truth is, there is no quick fix diet or program that can fix this for you. You must forgive yourself and start putting into place the tools that will help you create the body and life you want.

The good news is.. you’re in the right spot. Liz has been coaching people on how to create and live in their best body for over twenty years. On top of that, you're getting a life coach who's specifically trained in psychology, neuroscience, and meditation. It ALL begins in your mind and once you understand your blocks and how to move through them, you'll begin to bring forth your inner warrior, learn how to hear your soul's truth and you will start living the life you were born to live. 

The 90-Day Transformation Process will guide you step-by-step along this path. Liz's process will guide you and each phase you complete will add up to massive changes not only physically but mentally and energetically too. This 90-Day program will giving you all the tools you need to create a solid foundation, a happy mind, and a strong, sexy body—from the inside out. When you join the 90-Day Transformation Program, you become a member of the figureFIT! Warrior Tribe, a private community of life warriors here for growth, and you’ll receive all the tools you need including direct support from Liz and the rest of the spiritual warrior tribe.

Welcome to our tribe warrior! We're happy you're here. 

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90-Day Transformation Includes:

+ 3 Full-body functional fitness workouts per week that can be done at home, the gym, or while traveling. 
+ Online video library
+ Video modifications for beginners
+ Monthly Yoga Video (beginner - advanced)
+ Fitness Calendar

+ Nutrition Manual & Yes/No Food Lists

+ Recipes (gluten-free, paleo, dairy free, and more..)
+ The Coveted 21-Day Health & Wellness Meditation Series plus other guided audio meditations to help you de-stress, break your bad habits, find peace, and love your life. 
+ Monthly team coaching calls to check-in, ask questions, and get motivated

+ Private member community


There's no better time to join the figureFIT! 90-Day Transformational program than today.

Each member who completes the program and turns in there after photo and transformational essay will earn our coveted "I conquered the warrior's walk" Spiritual Warrior t-shirt. 

Change does NOT happen in your comfort zone, or when we do the same things over and over again. So it's time to start breaking your bad habits one day at a time and start implementing a new process that will help you build the life, health, and destiny you always knew you could have.

When you follow the science and what works - it's easy... Isn't it time you allowed EASE into your life?