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How to Meditate

You can start by sitting quietly every morning (or any time of the day that works for you) for 10-15 mins. Allow yourself to stay present with your breathing, focusing on your inhale and exhale. When thoughts come into your mind (and they will) just simply bring your awareness back to your breath and those thoughts will gently drift away like clouds in the sky. It's a process that you will do over and over again.. simply keep returning to your breath. 

At times, we judge ourselves and maybe even feel frustration as we notice our distracted mind and body. Many feel that they are not doing it “right”, but here are five things that generally happen in meditation:

  • You can repeat the mantra. Such as "I am". Silently say “I” on the inhale and “AM” on the exhale. This is to keep your mind present.
  • You have thoughts, feelings, sensations, and maybe even tears at times.
  • You have thoughts and repeat the mantra at the same time.
  • You slip into a place of stillness, the space that feels like a glorious breath between your thoughts.
  • You fall asleep.

This is all is perfectly normal so just know that each moment, exactly as it is, provides an opportunity to just “be” in the present. Let yourself ride the waves of your unique experience, relax into the present moment and gently go with the flow. 

Give yourself permission to enjoy the process as it is, without fighting what is happening. Open your heart with gratitude of being alive and trust that the benefits of meditation will unfold for you in a myriad of ways.

~Liz Nierzwicki

PS. Any time you have to meditate is a good time.