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Growthwork & Book of The Month

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The book, homework and the meditations are some of the most important parts of this program. Please be sure to start chipping away at these habits! We will be reading a new book every two months so it gives us all a chance to read them together and finish them.

Book for April & May:  

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Upload a video to the private Facebook Group page (no longer than 5 minutes and tag me to be sure I see it) telling us about about what you LOVE about you! Yes, you must pick 3 things that you love about yourself and why, and this is important – tell us without apologizing!

Your second part of this is to share with us your radical self-love mantra. What will you say to yourself to accept every part of you now? Please share unapologetically with the group. When you show your shine, you give everyone freedom to shine, too – and that is pure freedom!




If you are new, please make sure to introduce yourself in the group and tell us a bit about you so that we can welcome you. 


In order to be eligible to be chosen as the warrior God or Goddess of the Month, you must be an active member of the figureFIT! Online Program, participating on the FB page and doing the assignment each month. The winner will be chosen and awarded a FREE month of the figureFIT Warrior Training Program Body!


A huge part of this group is connecting with new people and STAYING connected. It’s all about sharing your journey so you can inspire others. After all, the ultimate purpose and transformation comes when you realize your journey isn’t just about you becoming the best you, it’s about you becoming the best you AND overcoming your limiting beliefs so you can inspire others.

Your tribe loves following your journey on the closed FB page, but it’s even MORE motivating when you can see thousands of similar posts a day on Instagram in addition to yours. That ripple spreads out when your story personally touches someone you don't even know, simply because you showed up for YOU. And it all starts with YOU!

You could and will single-handedly change and inspire the lives of others by stepping into your power and confidence, and sharing your journey. Don’t hide your light. Let’s change the world together and share this message and program with as many people as possible!

So how do you share on Instagram (plus earn recognition and prizes from me)?
Write a post that pulls your inner warrior out. Write your comment from your heart. Speak about what you're learning about yourself. What workout it was. How it challenged you. How it inspired you. What you mastered to get through it, etc. Give people the healing words you have already found that helped you to begin this journey and show them how you continually show up for yourself and choose love yourself. People NEED this light that only you can offer them. Use hashtags #figureFITWarrior and #LizNierzwickiFitness –  so that we can share the message of what we do here. The more you can demonstrate what you’re doing the better.

How to #hashtag:
In the description of the photo, use the hashtags #figureFITWarrior and #LizNierzwickiFitness so we can keep track of all of you who are participating. Let’s blow Instagram up and show everybody how we’re rolling rocking these workouts and creating out best and most healthy bodies in 2017! Thank you in advance for your bravery and sharing!

Just a Heads Up:
Those interested in earning prizes, will need an Instagram account. You cannot participate for the prizes in the challenge without having an Instagram account. I will not be keeping track of workouts elsewhere. It’s free to set up an account and you can just create one specifically for the 90-Day Transformation if you don’t want to have one that anyone else knows about. Be sure your account is set to Public (not Private/Locked) if you want me (others) to see your workouts. I can’t see them otherwise. You can always make it private at any time.

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A Few Reminders…

  • Make sure you are doing the assignment, doing whatever you can with the workouts, (even if it’s just 20 minutes a day) and be sure to start reading for 5 to 20 minutes daily as well! This is where the real change begins.
  • The Facebook page is so important for check-ins and accountability. It starts and ends with you. Use this page for support. We can't help you if we don't need what you need help with. Fear of posting will only keep you stuck in your problems. Post them.. out them.. take the power away from the pain that is holding you back. I promise that once you do, you will be met with so much Love. 
  • Use the various tools available on the website (recipes, meditations, meal planning guides, coaching calls, and more) to truly engross yourself in what works and Liz is always a coaching session away when you need more help. 
  • Make sure you contact me if you are struggling with getting your 5-6 meals in per day. I take 2 meal replacement shakes per day and this helps me to stay on track. If you have questions about using Isagenix or if you are struggling with meal prepping and just want something that can help you step up your game, keep you satisfied, help kick cravings and give you energy - email my team to schedule a quick call to discuss your budget and we will get you into a package that fits your goals and budget. 
  • Also, as always, I LOVE your referrals and want to pay you for every person that you send our way! If you want to become a figureFIT! Ambassador and make money, referring people to join the community - email us at What a great way to make some extra cash doing what you love and what keeps you healthy!