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figureFIT! Online Program

The personal trainer you've always wanted. 

Welcome to your very own personal training program. This program is designed to give you everything you need to teach you, show you, and guide you along the way. I give you the workout and nutrition plan - all you have to do it do it. MASSIVE body love awaits.

Here's one of two situations..

  1. You're sick and tired of this whole weight loss game and are ready to get REAL help once and for all. 
  2. You're already committed to working out, you just need a SOLID PLAN and the knowledge to get to your goal.

The figureFIT online personal training program will give you a monthly plan to follow, nutrition coaching and guidance, and unlimited support. Whether it's losing weight, building abs, or gaining muscle, on this particular program, you'll get everything you need to achieve your physique and health goals.

The figureFIT! online program includes:

  • Monthly Personal Training Workouts. Liz will create (3) full-body targeted workouts each month and you will do each of the three each week (20-60 mins). You will login here to the page, view the workouts, and then do them. All you need is 2 sets of dumbbells (Ex: 10lbs & 20 lbs or 15 & 30 lbs. Depends on your personal strength.
  • Each workout will have Video Demonstrations & Modifications for Beginners
  • 1 Yoga Class to follow along with each month.
  • The Coveted 21-Day (start a healthy habit) Health & Wellness Meditation Program
  • LIVE Coaching monthly
  • Unlimited access for questions and support in the Facebook private group page
  • Healthy Recipes
  • Workout Calendar telling you exactly what you need to do in order to reach your goals.

figureFIT! was created by fit mom and entrepreneur Liz Nierzwicki. Liz is a 100 meter dash record holder, athlete, and Paleo realFIT fitscore Top Female Athlete in 2014. Liz's program allows you to have your very own personal trainer, yoga & meditation teacher, and nutritionist all in one place = online; when and where you need it.  Using only free weights and your own body weight, you can do the workouts anywhere; your home, gym, or outdoors. You have body and health goals and figureFIT is the place to make those goals your reality.  Liz is a passionate business creator and entrepreneur, coach, top female athlete, fitness, muscle building, and weight loss expert. Liz has taken her 20+ years of experience living this lifestyle and created figureFIT! Her tools to stay healthy & fit year round are here on this program.

"It's simple actually. Know what works and do it consistently. The tools offered in this program are science based and they'll work for anyone." 

Get in the BEST shape of your life both physically & mentally with the figureFIT! program. 

figureFIT! Lifestyle Program

$69.99 / mo.