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Andrea K

"I am so excited about all of the healthy changes I have made in my life the past 90-days! Although I have always been a healthy person, I struggled with balancing healthy eating and working out when I started my job in July 2013. I didn't work out as regularly, ate less healthy, gained weight, and my mood and energy were dampened because of my poor choices. Joining figureFIT! and working with Liz has helped me to make my health a priority again and forced me to seek balance between work and my personal life! After joining, I quickly incorporated the weekly workouts as well as cardio and yoga. I also began eating cleaner, with a focus on fresh vegetables and lean protein. I immediately began to notice changes in my body, mind, and overall mood. The Facebook page and biweekly coaching calls helped to increase my motivation, encouraged me to think positively, and exposed me to other people who also want to live a healthy lifestyle. I have more energy, feel better than ever, and look forward to healthy meals and workouts! I want to thank Liz and figureFIT! for reintroducing me to my healthy life! I love that figureFIT! is a "LIFESTYLE PROGRAM" and not a special diet. It is about making daily choices that positively impact your mind, body, spirit, and the people around you! The 90-day challenge might be over, but my new LIFESTYLE is just beginning! I am so excited to continue on my journey with figureFIT!" Want to hear more from Andrea? Click here to our interview: Listen