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Go Fund Me: Support figureFIT! Here

Your support is greatly appreciated.

All of the figureFIT! content is offered to my listeners and readers for free daily, weekly, and monthly. With the gofundme project, you can help support the figureFIT! mission to spread the good and healthy word to the world. 

Your support helps with the following:

  • Editing of the podcasts, videos, and creating a final product to upload to the media outlet.
  • Graphic designers who create the images for the site, shows, and all other social media aspects. 
  • Assistance to the mission of research and development of programs and products that give back life, self-love, and assistance to those in need (such as you: my dedicated listener/reader.)
  • Your donations will allow me to bring on additional staff members and freelance specialists in order to create powerful programs for you and the rest of the world. 

I can not do this alone and I definitely can't do it on my small yoga studio salary. If you have the means to support and you believe in me and my message, please donate. Your donation will help so many lives and I will be so thankful.  

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Liz Nierzwicki