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About Liz Nierzwicki

About Liz Nierzwicki

Hi there fellow life warrior, my name is Liz Nierzwicki, and I've been interested in health, wellness, and creating a life filled with happiness since I was a young child. A couple of experiences led me down this path. When I was 5 years old, I was sledding with my brother and his friends and I decided to blaze my own trail but didn't realize that my path had a ten foot drop onto concrete at the bottom of it. That critical mistake left me with two fractured lower vertebrae and unable to walk for a few weeks. My awesome warrior brother, pushed me up a hill to a friends house so that he could call my mom and an ambulance. My healing process relied around doing A LOT of core strengthening moves; because with a strong core, my back was able to heal and was also protected. This focus on the core kept me active and helped me to become strong, agile and very fast.

Also as a child when I would become ill, my extremely spiritual aunt Gretchen would take care of me. She would make me super power healing teas and would deliver them with the most LOVE and explanation about how they would help me. This was my first experience of natural healing and I had NO DOUBT that the teas and love would heal me. Sometimes I faked being sick the next day so that I could get a little more of what she had to give. My aunt would also speak to me about our inner spirit and I do believe it was her grace and angelic nature that helped me to discover my own spiritual essence.

Growing up I had a ravenous appetite. I loved food (and still do), so it's no wonder I navigated to study nutrition science in college. In addition to nutrition science I studied psychology because I was very interested in the human mind and what makes us tick the way we do. 

After my undergrad courses in nutrition science and psychology were complete I decided to  enter the i-core program at the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University and earn my bachelors in Marketing. I studied; Business, CIS, Finance, Marketing, and also studied International Marketing in Mikkeli, Finland. 

After college, I moved to St. Louis, Missouri and began my career in sales and business development then after seven years moved into management/director positions before founding my own company in 2010. As an entrepreneur I have many years experience in market research, start-ups, business development, brand and product creation, as well as all aspects of owning and operating a business. My expertise is vast in start-ups, budgeting, strategic planning, research & development, management, training, performance improvement, marketing, sales, social media, operations, human resources, customer service, legal, accounting, and more.

In my early corporate days, I dove into the gym and also started acting in small college projects, music videos, and commercials. I was having a blast and discovering what I loved. I realized pretty quickly that I didn't want to just have a job, I wanted to do something I was passionate about and this entrepreneurial spirit started to emerge. 

I'm a big believer that there is nothing we can't do when we're passionate and have a focus.  Just two years after graduating college, when I was 24, I got pregnant and my boyfriend didn't want me to have the baby. In my upcoming book, I tell my amazing story about my spiritual guidance around this decision. Despite my boyfriends demands to terminate the pregnancy, I decided to keep my baby and go after this life with God guiding my path. I have a HUGE faith and knew that my life would be ok... not just ok, but GREAT! I could go on and on, and I do, in my book (if you're interested in receiving information on my upcoming book releases, please sign up for my newsletter). I struggled many times on my path until I stopped fighting life and learned to go along with it and cultivate my life around my passions.  

Flash forward to 2015,

  • I founded two businesses: Solace Yoga Studio in 2010 (solaceyogastudio.com) & figureFIT! in 2014 (figurefitlife.com)
  • I developed the curriculum and started Solace Yoga School in 2012 and lead yoga teacher trainings once per year.
  • My book: Happy Healthy Fit: Transform Your Life in 90-Day With the figureFIT! Lifestyle Program is an International Best-Seller in 5 countries: United States, Canada, Australia, France, and Germany in the following categories: Self-Help, Spirituality, and Health & Fitness - You can purchase your copy HERE or you can download it straight to your phone via Audible HERE
  • My passion is helping people tune into their soul's purpose and wake up the inner God or Goddess here on earth to experience massive joy, abundance, and peace. I do this in small and large groups all across the world. To inquire about hiring me, click here! 
  • View my Awards, Keynote Speeches, and Media HERE

I am crazy busy but I LOVE my life and I want to help YOU love yours. Through this figureFIT! community, I coach people (near and far) on health & fitness (mind, body, soul) and via LizNierzwicki.com, I can be hired for entrepreneur coaching, (business start-ups, marketing, and million dollar system tools), speaking engagements, press appearances, and more.  

Thank you for reading and learning about me. I look forward to supporting you on your soul's jouney!

Blessings & Love,

Liz Nierzwicki


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